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I am here to help you with all the tools you need to advance on your Path. Personal sessions show us how to share our Divine Heart and melt away the clouds of distraction from old habits and memories that block the Sunshine of Divine Love and Compassion in our daily life. Sharing is a natural way to open our Heart and melt away our fear to be authentic and just be our self.

Love is the embodiment of God Consciousness in us. When our own God Consciousness moves, the shadows of our past disappear and the Sunshine of Love comes up on the horizon of our daily life.

The Divine Heart is mightier than the sword of the mind. After doing thousands of Personal Sessions over the past 40 years, I have recognized that the most powerful gift we have is Love. In this modern age focusing on our problems only reinforces them. This is the old school of healing. There is nothing to understand. All true healing happens naturally as we tune into the frequency of Love and change the way we feel. Any mental understanding is a mask that only gives the illusion that we have healed. If we are truly healed, our heart feels it and our behavior changes.

As we share our hearts together, I will transmit frequencies to lift your consciousness into Oneness with your Divine Heart. I will help you to identify and melt away all the misconceptions you have had in the past that hold you back from living the life that you have always desired. Each session will create a major shift in your Inner Consciousness that will continue to build until you fully embody your Divinity. Every time we share, our hearts will open to allow more Love to shine in our life.

You can sign up for one session at a time as you desire or sign up for a sequence of 12 sessions to help you take the steps more powerfully as each session builds upon your progress. I have reduced the fees for personal sessions to give you more opportunity to participate. Individual sessions are $150 and the package price for 12 sessions is $1,488 (that’s two sessions for free). You can start with one session and then decide if you want to do the package. Go to the calendar below and pick the date for your first session. Please submit the form below and I will send you a confirmation as soon as I can.

I recommend that you write five or six questions in advance of the session so you are prepared. I also recommend that you record it for future reference (I can record it for you and send you a cd in the mail). Many blessings to you!



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