About Bob

Bob opened his heart to Enlightenment in 1970 through meditation and has moved through many human challenges and dramas since then to open his Divine Heart and embody the simple and natural truth of God Consciousness as a human being. What he discovered is that our life is an expression of Pure Love. This experience is not a mental philosophy or understanding. It is a Mighty Sunshine of feeling Love and Joy in our life at every moment.

Bob has recently returned to live in Los Angeles after twenty-five years of living and teaching in Thailand and Japan. Bob has been teaching meditation for 47 years and channeling the Ascended Masters for 32 years. He has trained over fifty Teachers of Meditation in Japan and over 100 Teachers in America. He has worked with tens of thousands of people throughout the world sharing his Wisdom and Knowledge in public lectures, Initiations in meditation, Channelings of the Masters, and personal sessions.

He has a wide range of Knowledge and spent long hours of training with the Masters of India, Thailand and Japan and America. He is recognized as one of the leading authorities of Meditation, Buddhism, Healing and Shamanic techniques from various cultures around the world including Thai Buddhist Shamans, Kahunas, Philippine Psychic Surgeons, and Native Americans. Bob has published 17 books in both English and Japanese, and produced over a dozen CD’s and DVD’s.

Bob always works with an open Heart and is free of judgement and ego. He treasures the gift of being born Human and always seeks to find a balance between his spiritual adventures and his daily life as a normal human being living here on Mother Earth.

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