Channeling Session with Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters are beings of Light and Love from every culture on Earth. They have watched over the Earth for eons of time. There were all once in human form and gained their Enlightenment while still living on Earth. These beautiful Masters were blessed with a very High Frequency of Love and Light that transformed their physical presence into a Body of Pure Light known as Ascension. Together they created the Council of Light to assist all living beings to reach their highest potential in God Consciousness and bring a New Age of Ascension to our world. Many of us have worked with these Masters for many lifetimes. We have forgotten our connection with them and our purpose for being here.

Channelings from the Masters help us to remember who we are and rediscover our True Nature as the embodiment of God Consciousness. Masters such as Saint Germaine, Sanat Kumara and Sananda are constantly working with us from behind the scenes and guiding us to find the magnificent life we are born to be living. These channelings energize us and help to transform our Consciousness.

Merlin is a unique Master who works more specifically with our personal desires and motivations. He has many gifts to help us change our patterns of old habits and wake up to our highest good and our extraordinary powers.

Every channeled session brings in the Master or Masters that we need to take our next step. It is an amazing experience that we will want to record so we can listen to it many times for many years in the future. Prepare your specific questions and write them down so you don’t forget what you want to ask. These sessions transmit a very High Frequency that keeps working long after the Session.



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Channeling Session with Ascended Masters

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