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The Violet Fire Mantra and Yantra are the most powerful recent addition to our Eternal Love Meditation (ELM). Violet Fire helps us to integrate Higher Dimensions of Experience into our daily life and wake up more Love, Compassion and Higher Wisdom for our Ascension. Violet Fire is the most important tool we can learn to change the momentum of our life so we can embody our Divine Presence and become the real loving personality that we all strive to live in our daily life.

The Violet Fire Mantra transmutes the vibration of our old habits and emotions into higher frequencies of greater Love, Compassion and Understanding for the challenges we face in our life. The 3D style of processing through the dark clouds of emotion from our past is now no longer necessary. This is not about thinking or controlling our emotions or the way our mind is reacting. It is as natural as lighting a candle in a dark room. When we light a candle, the darkness automatically becomes brighter. There is no struggle with the emotions of darkness that cloud our vision. When we introduce the Presence of the Light of Love, our entire being becomes brighter and more naturally loving. Focusing on our problems only reinforces them. This is why they keep showing up even when we thought we had cleared those issues.

Experiencing the Violet Fire Mantra naturally shifts our attention into the feeling of more Divine Love while simultaneously transmuting our old habits and old emotional responses into more Friendliness, Compassion and Love.

When we use the Violet Fire Yantra, we activate very High Frequencies of Eternal Love Force that will radiate through every cell of our body and transmute all restrictive memories of our past (both cellular memories and soul memories). The Violet Fire Yantra is a powerful healing tool that when combined with the Violet Fire Mantra is the fastest way to transform our past friction and resistance into the Divine Grace of Ascension.

We will Activate the Violet Fire Mantra and Yantra on Saturday January 20, 2018 for those who are ready to receive it. It is important that you have completed the Love Mantra Activation prior to December 25, 2017 so you can comfortably receive this new Activation. We need enough time with each Technique before rushing into the next level. The fee is $200 when paid through the website in advance or $220 at the door on the day of Initiation.


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