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The Teachers Upgrade Course raises the Consciousness of the Teachers and unifies the Sangha of our Hearts. In the Last Hymn of the Tenth Mandala of the Rig Veda it says:

“Meet together, talk together, let your minds and hearts apprehend alike; in the same manner that the ancient gods united to receive the Soma…
United be your intention; united be the wishes of your Hearts; united be your thoughts, so there may be thorough union among you.”

This is the purpose of the Teachers Upgrade Course: One wave of Supreme Consciousness, united in one Ocean of Source Heart, one mighty flow of Soma to uplift Global Consciousness and the Consciousness of our Sangha. No rules, no mind, just the simple natural flow of the Universe of Eternal Love moving through us.

Mt. Fuji is the Heart of Japan and the symbol of the Awakened Heart of Mother Earth. It is the perfect place for our next gathering. From Fuji, we will generate the next wave of Love that will lift Global Consciousness to a new level of Balance and Bliss.

This Course will offer the five Awakenings of the Brahma Sutra Program (February 7 – 14) and the three Activations of the Soma Sutras (February 15 – 20). You can attend only the first Course or stay for the Second Course as your schedule allows.

During the Five Awakenings of the Brahma Sutra Program we will experience all the steps to Awaken and understand Brahman Consciousness. Really, I never expected that the results would happen so quickly and so powerfully. But when we did this during the recent Teacher Training Course, everyone had such Infinite Consciousness that it was clear that we are all ready to open to the Highest Level of Consciousness. We will need to do this Program many times as a group to make it permanent. Our bodies need to adjust so we can hold this level and integrate it. Doing this Program together with all the Teachers is the key. Brahman Consciousness is Sangha Consciousness. It does not come from just the Sutras and our individual practice. It comes from doing it as a group many times so we can unite our Hearts and clear our old-world limitations.

The Three Activations of the Soma Sutras will create the flow of Soma. Soma is liquefied Eternal Love Force. Soma opens all the channels of perception so we can feel more Love and Compassion in everything we perceive and in everything that we do.

Brahman Consciousness is a Unified Field of Infinite Possibilities. Soma is the movement of our Source Heart that enables us to flow with the Power of Love.

Five Awakenings Feb. 7 – 14, 2018 90,000yen or $800
Soma Activations Feb. 15 – 20, 2018 70,000yen or $630


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