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join bob fickes, international authority on meditation and spirituality, as he presents a seminar to enrich your life and enhance your body, mind, and spirit!

Bob is founder of the eternal love meditation program, a collection of mantra activations and spiritual tools to expand your divine heart and bring eternal love into your daily life and our global consciousness!

ELM is a program that opens your heart to the deepest level of Love Force and expands it through your body, soul and out into the world. We give you the tools to open you to the highest level of consciousness beyond Enlightenment and Ascension. We offer many different processes to tangibly feel your Love Force moving in a variety of ways to melt your ego, clear your past distractions and old habits, open your Consciousness to Higher Dimensions of perception and let in the Light that can transform your life from a 3D mundane experience into the joyful realms of Love and Light. This is a unique program to accomplish transcendence in a short time and in such an effortless way.

the love mantra, will be activated in a 2 day seminar

April 28/29 2018, 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day $300
Marriot courtyard, bloomington

You can also gain further insight by scheduling an individual reading or channeling appointment with Bob

April 4 – May 5 2018 $175 Call Jean for location and booking.

Contact Jean Wallis: (612) 874-1453


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