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Wave after wave the Universal Consciousness reveals its secrets and helps all living beings find their way home. This coming February and March we will go deeper into the experience of these waves of Universal Love than we have ever gone before. The Secrets of the Heart of the Universe will be opened as we dive into deep meditation with the Magnificent Life Mantra.

The Magnificent Life Mantra moves our Heart so deeply that we can feel God Presence waking up inside of us. Really when I taught this for the first time in Japan this past month I was amazed to see even new meditators having very deep experiences of the Presence of Universal Consciousness moving through them.

Enlightenment is far more than just a Realization or Awakening. Enlightenment is a mighty wave of Love that bursts from the very center of our being. It is the Awakening of Pure Love for everything in this Universe and a simultaneous Realization that everything in this Universe is Perfect. The Magnificent Life Mantra is a wave of this experience that once it starts to move will take us on a journey to discover so much Light and Love hidden deep inside this Universe that it can create the Heaven on Earth Reality many of us are waiting for.

The Infinite Heart has awakened to Divine Love and now begins a journey to discover the Source of that Love everywhere in this Universe. Love will take us to many places as we discover that even our worst nightmares are all masks covering our True Nature as the Buddha Christ Consciousness that we are seeking inside our self. There are many illusions that we must pierce through before we directly perceive the Sunshine of the Highest Truth. In February and March we will take a deep step as we learn more subtleties about this Mantra and open the veils that are covering the extraordinary Lights of Love at the Center of this Universe within our own Consciousness.

Details of the Six-Week Course:

  1. Merging our Heart and Ego so our Heart focus becomes smooth and Pure. We will discover that our Ego is not our enemy but our Guide to living more Love in this Life.
  2. Crossing over the past and all its fears and misconceptions so we can discover the Love that the Mother of this Universe has waiting for us.
  3. Unifying our Consciousness as a mighty expression of Cosmic Love and Light – Everything is Perfect!
  4. The Hanuman Principal: the strength of the Power of Devotion to melt all diversity and loneliness bringing us to the Almighty Love of God Presence within us.

You are welcome to attend one, two, three or all six weeks of the Program starting 12 February (Valentines Day) and completing on 26 March 2017.


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