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Consciousness is the primary element of everything in this Universe. In its most primordial state all Consciousness comes from God Consciousness or the Ocean of Consciousness that is the foundation of this Universe. The Pure Nature of Consciousness is Love and radiates Life Force to every living thing. Every living thing that appears in this Universe is a wave born out of the Ocean of God Consciousness and Love.
Each of us is an individual wave of God’s Consciousness born into this 3D world of reality. Our 3D reality is composed of Time, Space and Material existence and perceived by our mind’s ability to focus. As long as we continue to focus, we will perceive more details of this 3D reality that we live in and the Love that naturally arises in our life gets lost in the individual events that our mind focuses on. When we allow Love to expand from our heart, 3D reality melts into the Ocean of God Consciousness that is inside of us like an ocean inside of the wave. Love expands and limitations from this 3D reality disappear.
God Consciousness looks through our mind and our heart like the Ocean looks through a wave. God Consciousness is already inside of us, but our focus limits our ability to notice it. As we enter higher states of consciousness, our ability to focus melts in the stream of Love that takes over our normal perception and transforms everything we experience into Divine Love.
Any attempt to focus in a Higher State of Consciousness will bring our perception back to 3D reality. In order to see Love everywhere at all times, we need to allow our Consciousness to expand and release the need to focus on details. If we try to look for details in a Higher State of Consciousness, Divinity disappears and 3D reality returns. Focus looks at one thing at a time. God Consciousness expands to Infinity and opens the horizon of the entire Universe with all details perceived all together in One Infinite Experience.
If you want to experience God Consciousness, you will have to let go of your need to focus and drop down inside the wave until you have expanded into the entire Ocean of Consciousness we call the experience of Infinite Divine Love. Love embraces everything and transforms our perception of everything into Pure Divinity.
Learning to meditate teaches how to let go and merge with the Infinite Ocean of God Consciousness that is waiting for us deep inside. Meditation works naturally as long as we let go and stop trying to focus on a particular experience in meditation. Focus will always bring us back into the wave of perception we call 3D. Letting go and allowing our attention to melt into the Ocean of God Consciousness within us opens our heart and allows Love to expand into the Infinite Joy of our own Divinity.


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