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Normal perception while we are awake involves focus and identify. We use our senses and our ego/mind to observe our life and improve our life. Just like we need sleep to recharge our body, we need meditation to recharge and deepen our Consciousness.

Meditation turns our attention 180 degrees to travel inwards to more subtle levels of perception until we experience Pure Consciousness or Ku. Even when we are doing correct meditation, it is difficult in the beginning to know if we are meditating correctly and experiencing deeper levels of Consciousness. This is because our senses and our mind is melting into Inner Infinite Space where there is no focus nor identification of what we are experiencing.

When we use a Mantra for meditation, we are opening our perception to sound. Sound is the sense of Hearing that connects us to Inner Space or Ku. Mantra Meditation is a very effective way to take the journey into Inner Space and develop our experience of Enlightenment. The problem is that the sound gets so subtle that we don’t experience it in a tangible way. The sound is disappearing into Space! This makes us doubt that we are meditating correctly because we can’t identify the deeper levels of perception that happen in meditation. It takes a long time before our perception is clear enough to have confidence that our meditation is working. It is working! But our mind begins to doubt. When we doubt, we might stop meditating because we cannot verify that what we are doing is working.

This is why I introduced Fulfillment Meditation. Fulfillment Meditation uses both a Mantra and a Yantra. Fulfillment Meditation uses both the sense of Sound/Hearing and adds the sense of Sight by using color and Sacred Geometry with the Yantra. When we meditate using two senses of perception, our experience of meditation can be more tangible. We can experience the deeper, subtler perceptions in a more tangible way. This form of meditation is more upgraded and helps us to experience what is happening in meditation. Fulfillment Meditation produces better results more quickly because it activates two senses during the process of meditation that normally makes our focus disappear.

Now we are introducing Eternal Love Meditation or ELM. This is another Upgrade to the process of meditation that has not been available for thousands of years. ELM introduces the experience of Love to our meditation. We all start meditation to feel better! But the types of meditation that are available do not open us to more love! Meditation is often taught as a mental awakening rather than a direct experience of more love and joy in our life. ELM uses three senses of perception: Mantra and the sense of hearing/sound, Yantra and the sense of sight, plus Love and the sense of feeling and Touch. When meditation uses three senses to explore the deeper levels of perception, our experience becomes even more tangible than all other forms of meditation. We can feel a deeper level of experience and most of all, feel more joy and more warmth during our meditation. Even in the first few weeks of meditation, we can feel that our meditation is working. Eternal Love Meditation is a revolutionary upgrade to the experience of meditation. It makes it easy for anyone to experience deeper levels of perception and get more tangible results. Try it and experience the difference. Whether you are a beginner or very advanced in meditation, you will notice a big difference in your meditation. Enlightenment should give us more love and happiness in everything we do! Real Enlightenment is not just a mental realization. It is a full experience of Compassion, Love and Bliss that reveals to us the Great Truth that life is here to enjoy.


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