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It is time to transform Fulfillment Meditation into a more advanced and upgraded form of meditation that we are calling Eternal Love Meditation or ELM. ELM is so much more powerful and perfectly tuned in to the transformation that is happening to Global Consciousness. During the recent Upgrade Course for Teachers there was so much Light and such big opening of our Hearts that it inspired all of us to provide this program to all our students as soon as possible.

Everything in our world and our consciousness is changing. This transformation began a long time ago in 1987 and has been gradually building up until this year. Fulfillment Meditation was born from this wave of transformation and gave us a wonderful program to raise our level of Consciousness. Now the level of Global Consciousness is at a very high level that is challenging all of us to step into our new life sooner than we expected. Over this past year, we have all been feeling a push inside to change our life. Our Consciousness and our world is moving into a Higher Dimension of Reality. We can no longer control our world with logical thinking from our past. Every system and every tradition from the past must be upgraded so we can adjust to this new level of Reality that is quickly moving us into a New Dimension of Reality.

Even the systems of meditation must be upgraded to be more aligned with the flow of a Higher Level of Consciousness that is moving through everyone on the planet. It is necessary to upgrade our meditation to catch up to this transformation. Although Fulfillment Meditation has been the best form of meditation to wake up our Enlightenment, the level of Global Consciousness is moving us faster than our body, mind and soul can catch up.

Within the next two to three years everything will change. Your life will be changing as your Consciousness merges into this Higher Dimension of Reality. It is happening to everyone, but only those who are sensitive will understand that now is the time to make changes in our life, our work and our relationships. We cannot understand this transformation and make the right decisions without opening our Consciousness to more Love and Compassion. The new program for ELM will help all of us to adjust to this Higher Level of Consciousness more gracefully. The world needs more people that are experiencing these Higher Levels of Consciousness in their daily lives. It is exciting to see that this is really happening now!

Many of us have been facing some major challenges in our life to change our work, our relationships, and pursue the life we were born to enjoy. But the challenges to do this are forcing us to let go of our old view of survival in this materialistic world. We must follow our Heart and trust that the Universe is helping us to move in the right direction for our best future. Inside we know what choices we need to make, but the world challenges us to think that we must ignore our Spiritual inclinations and make decisions that are more practical and accepted by the world we have lived in. We must trust our Heart and the guidance from the Universe inside of us.

Love is the key. But we must transform our understanding of the word Love to be more than personal love or passionate love. What is happening is a basic transformation of the Eternal Consciousness of Love. Love must become more Universal, Cosmic and Eternal without any personal identity or attachment. Eternal Love has a broader view of our reality and helps us to develop more Compassion and Joy so we can transform our life more easily and gracefully move in the right direction. This view of Reality is free of separation and the distortion from our past Karma. It is created by the same Eternal Consciousness of Love that every Master shared with the world.

The Source of our Consciousness is the same as the Source of this Universe. Our personal life is like a wave on the surface of the Ocean. It is impossible for the wave to exist without the Ocean that created it, but we were all raised to believe that we are just an individual who has limited abilities to change the world we live in. Our present way of thinking has been orchestrated by the limited perception of material reality of our ancestors and our culture. Human life has been driven by our ego/mind without regard to the effect we are creating in the world we live in, but now all this is changing.

In the last 100 years, the Spiritual beliefs of our ancestors was replaced with the logical understanding of scientific discovery and the globalization of cultures. Spiritual Reality has been thought to be a fantasy because it cannot be proven or recognized by the physical perception of Science so our society has ignored it. But now even Science is exploring a level of Reality that is beyond the material world we live in. Science calls this level a Quantum Field. As the Ocean of Global Consciousness wakes up to this reality of Quantum Field, all the activities of the individual waves begin to align with the greater movement of the Universe.

In a Quantum Field, we discover that the material reality of Newtonian Physics has its foundation in a Universe that is without Time, Space and Gravity. What we rejected as fantasy in the Twentieth Century is now becoming the foundation of the new understanding of the Universe in the Twenty-First Century. Spiritual Reality can now be proven through the elements of Quantum Mechanics. Every system on our planet will be adjusted to Quantum Consciousness including education, business and government. It is already happening much faster than we anticipated.

Eternal Love Meditation will help us to adjust the way we make daily choices for our future and open the Universal Consciousness in our Heart to a Higher Level of Wisdom, Love and Compassion. The Universe knows what our minds do not know. When our Heart becomes an instrument in the hands of the Universe, we will transform our life in harmony with the shift in Global Consciousness.

The techniques pf Fulfillment Meditation will still be available as needed, but the main program we recommend is centered around the upgraded Mantras and Programs of ELM. The ELM program is a Quantum shift in the way we do meditation. Most of the Teachers are already trained to offer this program. Those Teachers who do not have this Upgrade will be receiving it soon. This is an amazing program that needs to be available to everyone on the planet. It is a gift from the Universe to help ease the transition of Global Consciousness and raise our level of Consciousness as soon as possible. We invite all of you to participate and experience much clearer results from meditation in your daily life.


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