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ELM is introducing an all new and amazing Sutra Program for the rapid development of Higher States of Consciousness. Sutras are keys that open different doors of experience during meditation. We have created Sutras from the ancient wisdom of Lemuria contained in Vedanta. The Sutras we will use are short phrases in English or Japanese that are done at the end of our daily meditation for ten minutes. These Sutras can trigger cosmic events in our Consciousness that make it possible to open Higher States of Enlightenment more quickly. You need to have at least one of the ELM mantras or two or three Fulfillment mantras to begin the Sutra Program.

Like ELM, the Sutras are easy for anyone to do after they have had enough experience with our meditation. Sutras generate direct experience through our senses that enable us to tangibly feel Higher Realms of Perception and open our ability to move our Love Force through the Senses and through the Nadis in our Soul Body. This program makes it possible to speed up our Enlightenment and use our Supernormal Abilities in daily life.

Three Awakenings from Soma Sutras

The Soma Sutras trigger our Consciousness, our body, and our Nadis to produce Soma. Soma is the Nectar of the gods. As more Soma is produced we feel liquid Love Force moving in waves through our heart and our senses of perception. Soma stimulates each of the Five Senses of perception so we can experience Higher Dimensions and tangibly feel more sweetness in everything we experience. There are 9 Sutras in each Activation. These Sutras are easy for anyone to learn who has done meditation with ELM or Fulfillment Meditation.

Five Activations of Brahma Sutras

The next step of the Sutra Program is the Brahma Sutras. These Sutras trigger experiences of Brahman Consciousness. Brahman Consciousness is the highest level of Enlightenment beyond Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness and Supreme Unity Consciousness. Brahman Consciousness has been considered unattainable in Kali Yuga. But since the introduction of ELM meditation, our Consciousness can rise to a new level that allows us to experience Brahman Consciousness sooner than we ever expected. In a very natural way our Consciousness will transform and open the door to Universal Presence where Consciousness is everywhere in the Universe. Consciousness of duality melts into the Ocean of Oneness where everything is experienced within our Infinite Universal Presence. Of course, we will need to practice this regularly to make this experience a permanent feature of our daily life. Sutra practice is the fastest way to bring a tremendous shift in our consciousness.


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