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We have arrived at an entirely new level of challenges this month since the Spring Equinox. If you are feeling like I am, you are probably wondering how we are going to make it through what appears to be impossible odds.

Well, don’t worry! The Universe has given us an impossible task because it knows that we can do it (even when we think we cannot). The Universe does not punish. The old view that most of us still believe is “What did I do to create this?” In other words, this is happening to me because I did something wrong and now I have to pay for it.

There is another perspective: “This is happening to me because I am ready to step up to a new level that I never thought I could achieve.”

We are part of a tidal wave that is pushing the limits of Global Consciousness. This wave comes from deep inside the Ocean of Global Consciousness as a Force of Evolution. We must now push beyond what it has meant to be human and discover that we can materialize anything we can imagine. Our ego/mind has been trapped inside a box that doesn’t let us go beyond what we think is the limit of human ability.

Our hearts are screaming at us to break out of the box!

The interesting thing is, our heart is the instrument of the Universe to create transformation. We are a Force of Evolution! Open this door and step out beyond your limits. It is time to discover the next level of miraculous living!

Trust your heart and ride the wave that is challenging you right now. It is like surfing, if you wait too long you will miss the wave! Catch the wave and you become one with the ocean!


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