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The Ocean of Silent Consciousness vibrates and waves are formed on the surface. Every wave resonates with the Ocean that it came from. What we call the Ocean includes both the deep silence of the Ocean and its surface waves. The waves and the deep levels inside are all part of the nature of the Ocean. The Silent Ocean of our Heart vibrates with waves of Love and the world we live in resonates with love and happiness in everything we do.
Our mind looks at the waves and wants to identify them. The more we focus, the more we see everything as separate from our self and feel helpless to change the world around us.
When our heart opens, we feel the waves as waves of love. This makes us feel safe and comfortable with the feelings we have. The heart is the Source of the Ocean we call this Universe. When we feel from our heart every wave that appears in this world has come from the ocean of our own heart. There is no separation.
Everything in this Universe is an appearance created from the waves of love from our own Silent Heart. Waves of love rise up from the Silent Ocean and move across the surface only to disappear back into the Ocean again. It doesn’t matter what appears in the world. Everything is a wave generated from the Ocean of Silent Consciousness deep inside of us.
When we open our heart and dive deep inside our heart to the very center of our Consciousness, we find Deep Inner Peace. The wave of our individual heart has returned to the Ocean and merged with the Silent Heart of the Universe that is the Source of everything in this world. Our True Nature is located at the very Center of our Consciousness where everything is united in Oneness with All That Is. The Source of this Universe is found deep inside your own heart as a Peaceful and Loving Consciousness that goes on forever.
When Love moves from the Silence deep inside your heart, you will realize that everything in this world appears as waves of Love created by your own Universal Heart. You greet everything in this world with a wave of Love and a feeling of Oneness with all things that come to you.
When you want to know what is right for you, you cannot make a decision with your mind. When you only focus with your mind, your mind will think too much and conclude that this thing is separate from you and you cannot change it. But if you look at that thing and feel how it resonates with your heart, you can choose what is good for you and what is not in harmony with your heart and will therefor bring you unhappiness.
Everything good is in harmony with the waves of Love created by your own Universal Heart. If you have choices to make, look at each choice and see how it resonates with your Heart. The right choice will feel these waves of Love and be happy. What resonates with your heart also resonates with the Heart of this Universe. The result is happiness for all living beings that come from the same Source of this Universe that resides deep inside of your own Heart.


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