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When the Divine Heart awakens from its sleep, the Divine Senses wake up and we intimately experience sensory perception beyond the body’s limitations. The Divine Heart is the hub of the wheel and the Divine Senses are the spokes that radiate from the hub out into the Infinite.

Love is the juice (also called Manna or Soma) that flows from the Divine Heart through our Divine Senses and stimulates Cosmic Perception. All of the great Masters had this perception in their daily life and demonstrated abilities far beyond the normal human condition. While it might seem impossible or even unbelievable, Cosmic Perception is a normal gift that we all have hidden inside of us. With the right tools we can develop this perception naturally and easily.

When the Divine Heart looks at the world so much love pours into everything we look at. The Divine Heart opens the windows of our Chakras and Love flows through the Chakras and out through the Divine Senses into our world. Love touches our world and Heaven wakes up!

When Love pours through our Divine Senses, they wake up from their sleeping condition revealing all the details of this Universe. A simple example of this is when you love your houseplants. They grow and grow and grow and become so magnificent. Imagine what this world would become if we sent Cosmic Love from our Divine Heart.

Awakening the Divine Heart is not our imagination. It is a tangible experience that can transform our life from its clumsy existence into Divine Grace. The true miracle of Life reveals itself to our Consciousness and we are both amazed and humbled by its magnificence.


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