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The Age of Feminine Power is not dominated by ego – the need to win, or the mind to be right, but orchestrated by the heart and share honest feelings with compassion and love.  This is the Age of being sensitive to our feelings not just for our self but for everyone around us.  Learning to share those feelings openly and honestly instead of doing or saying what is proper or expected from us.


Our ego/mind has distracted us from honestly being in the flow of Nature.  When we do what we are supposed to do, we don’t feel honest or authentic.  We lose our self and live a façade that never gives us power.  Whether we are male or female, we must be honest about our feelings and be considerate of those around us and their feelings.  We need to express our honest feelings without the need to be right or superior.  Honest feelings need to be communicated with consideration for others.  This is what I feel, but you have the right to feel what you feel and I am willing to accept those feelings without agreeing with you.  We must find a balance inside our self if we are going to transform the world around us.


We refer to Nature as Mother Nature for a reason.  Mother Nature takes care of all her children equally.  The human mind is out of harmony with Nature every time we want to control the result to favor our self.  This is a limited perspective that thinks if the world around us does what we want, we will be happy. This is rarely the case.  When we get what we want, we are rarely happy and worry that something will happen to take it all away.


If what we do is real and authentic, we don’t need to worry about the outcome.  The Universe is our Mother and wants each of her children to be happy.  A real Mother never thinks that this child is better than the other children.  She wants all her children to be happy and find their own identity and their own happiness and purpose.  It is not about being right.  It is all about feeling what we want from our heart and expressing what we want in a way that we can all share in the joy of the result 


There is no logic to this perspective.  It is not about achievement or winning.  It is about being satisfied and feeling mutually supporting of each other and the resulting success of all the elements or children of the Universe.


All wars were created by words.  My words disagree with your words.  But different languages refer to the same thing in Nature with different words.  This is the essential problem with religion.  My word for God is different from your word for God.  My word for Tree is different from your word for tree.  Does this mean that the tree is different because my language has a different word for tree?


The New Feminine Age is beyond language and condition.  Our life in the future will honor the way things are rather than controlling each other in order to win and be right.  When we do that, nobody wins.  Independence is an illusion created by our ego/mind wanting to be right.  Harmony and peace will come from seeing the reality as it is and going with the insight of our heart to move together in a way where everyone is happy.


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