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The Path from normal physical life on Earth to Enlightenment and Ascension is the Path of the Heart as it becomes more Conscious and more Sensitively Awake.
This is the Path from Ignorance (being asleep) to Full Awakening (every channel of perception is open to Infinite Love).
People often ask me, “Why so many Mantras?”
Each Mantra opens different channels of perception to allow the Infinite Love Force to wake up and flow through our Consciousness.
Mantras are frequencies of Sound. Yantras are frequencies of Light, Color, and the Sacred Matrix of the Cosmic Universe.
The Universe is composed of Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind & Space). Each individual consciousness is composed of Five Senses (Smell, Taste, Sight, Touch & Hearing).
Each Mantra and each Yantra open different channels of perception through these frequencies of Infinite Color and Vibrating Consciousness. When all of the channels have opened, it produces the Rainbow Light Body.
Rainbow Light Body is the Highest most Amazing State of Enlightenment and Ascension. It goes beyond Non-Duality and beyond anything we have understood until now.
In the past to achieve this State of Enlightenment, we had to spend all of our time in meditation. There was no time for personal life in the world. But the Collective Global Consciousness has opened the Doors to all the Higher Dimensions and made it possible for every living being to achieve Enlightenment and Ascension in this life, Here and Now!
Enlightenment and Ascension is a Global process of Transformation. It is no longer something we have to personally struggle to achieve.
As we open to the Rainbow Light Body Consciousness, all of the channels of our perception will burst open in frequencies of Color and vibrations of Sound in all directions from our Heart Center. We will experience our Consciousness everywhere and feel the Infinite Oneness of Love as the only Reality of the New World we are materializing.
We will have full Mastery of our Senses of Perception and full Mastery of all of the Five Elements. Rainbow Light Body is multicolored perception of the Ocean of all the elements of the Universe as it flows through our Consciousness.
We don’t have to understand it or study it. We only have to open the channels of perception to experience it. This is 100% easy and 100% fun!


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