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As Global Consciousness is rising, the Higher Dimensions will start to be more visible. This is a real photo we took a few days ago of an Ascended Master Ship as it appeared in the sky. Nothing was altered in this photo. The colors were extraordinary!
Our world as we know it is changing. The barriers between the dimensions are melting. This means that we will see and feel more presence of Spiritual Reality and our own Consciousness will be more centered and natural than ever before. We will feel that our world is safer than before and more friendly, even when it looks like the opposite is happening.
In the same way that we are changing, the Higher Dimensions are also changing and the beings that live in them are more open to being with us here on Earth. The Ascended Masters have been looking over the Earth ever since Lemuria, but they have remained invisible to most of the people. They have helped us without our knowing that they are there. This is because they want us to learn for our self and not rely on them or anything outside of our self. We are to become the new Masters for the Earth.
Now we are becoming more Present and more open to the flow of our Heart. We are becoming more confident in our Spiritual Presence and beginning to explore our Spiritual Abilities. This opens the door for the Masters to become more tangible and show us that they are here. Eventually they will walk beside us not as our Masters but as our associates and friends. We will work together to transform our world into a better place for all living beings.
The first sign of this happening is the appearance of luminescent oval shaped clouds in the sky. These are the Master Ships passing through Dimensional Gateways. They will not materialize completely but remain at the Gateway partially in this world and partially in another Dimension. Their Radiance will shine through the cloud and display brilliant colors that are very soothing to our Heart. They are making contact with us and want to encourage us to keep doing our best to change our life. They want us to know that this is real and not just our imagination.
All of these Masters are Ascended and were once here on Earth in physical form as a normal human being. While here they opened their Consciousness to Enlightenment and raised the frequencies of their physical body into Light. Masters such as Saint Germaine, Jesus/Sananda, Mary and Kwan Yin were all once here on Earth and fully understand the life we are living. Their Compassion is unlimited and they are here to help encourage us to move more into the Light. They want us to know that this is not the time to leave this world but transform our life and our world into a Higher Dimension of Spiritual Goodness.
Over the next few years these appearances of Luminescent Clouds will become more frequent and Global Consciousness will continue to accelerate into Higher States of Consciousness for every being on the planet. The Time has come for us to live our lives side by side with the loving guardians of our world. The real Spiritual Community of Mother Earth is just beginning to grow. Peace on Earth is right around the corner. Take your steps and trust your Heart. It won’t be long until we are living in the world of our dreams for a safer and more loving world.


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