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Recently I visited the sacred cave where Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun, once lived in Kyushu, Japan.  After that experience I was inspired to write a poem of gratitude to her:


Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun and Joy

Long ago, the Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu, became frustrated that her younger brother was so abusive to the people and to the animals that she went into a cave and wouldn’t come out.

The Earth was covered in darkness. The people and the gods were so sad and confused.

The gods wanted her to come out and return this world to the Light.

They held a great party close to her cave and sang and danced in a great celebration of Life.

She heard their laughter and looked out of the cave to see what they were doing.

Come out and play with us!

A great and powerful god lifted the stone from the door to her cave and threw it far away so she could come out.

She came out to sing and dance with the gods, the people and the animals. Light was restored to the world.

We thank you dear Mother Amaterasu! You brought Sun and Joy to the world!

Now we pray to you again to remind us to enjoy the Sun and have Joy in our life.

May we put aside our desire for conflict and competition and enjoy the Life you gave us.

We need your inspiration and your Love now in these times of conflict and challenge.

Let us all remember you as the Goddess of the Sun and Joy!

We Love you Dear Mother and welcome your Love into our Life!


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