Eternal Love Meditation takes us beyond the limits of our Mind by unlocking the Doorway to the Infinite Potential of the Divine Heart.

Opening your Divine Heart
The Infinite Love of your Divine Heart has been hidden beneath the layers of emotion and memories of your past like the Sun hiding behind the clouds. The limitations of your Human Mind are powerless to remove the clouds that block you from living your Divine Truth. Awakening the Divine Heart through Eternal Love Meditation ignites the Mighty Sunshine of God Consciousness in us. The Divine Heart is an Eternal Source of Cosmic Love, Cosmic Life Force, and the Cosmic Wisdom of God Consciousness. All that you seek is inside of you waiting to be Realized. You are what you seek. Eternal Love Meditation will help you to open the Door and see for yourself the many Gifts that are waiting for you in the Chamber of the Heart.

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Channeling with Ascended Masters

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Mother Earth, Mother Nurture, and Mother of this Universe
May We be open to You always!
May our Divine Hearts shine through the clouds of this world and bring us Light and Love.
The words on this site are filled with the Frequencies of Source Father’s Heart and the expression into all forms of Light from the Presence of Universal Mother’s Heart.
May you flourish with the Living Presence of these Words and enjoy your awakening.
You Are That Already!
May you live in the Presence of Cosmic Love and the Presence of the Mighty Violet and Magenta Fire.
Blaze and Raise Almighty Violet and Magenta Fire!
May we be Purified!
May our daily life be filled with this Presence always!